A New Pattern: Linda’s Scarf Blanket

Find the pattern here.

No scarves were harmed in the making of this blanket.

This is Linda.  And her blanket that I made for her when I was pregnant with her.  (This is why it’s blue and pink.  Figured I’d hit the right one.)

I finally wrote a pattern for it today.  I don’t make many baby blankets.  Partly because it takes so long & you never feel like you’re getting anywhere.  This blanket helps with that a little bit.  It also helps with another of my banes: hot projects in the summer.  When you’re working on this, you’re not holding anything larger than a scarf (thus the name) until it’s time to sew it all together, and that only takes a little bit of time.

This is so incredibly easy I almost feel guilty for calling it a pattern.  I would feel guilty, but for the fact that it’s been so damned long since I posted a pattern.  I do think it’s a good one if you’ve never made a somewhat large project before.  My dislike of scarves is in no small part because I find them crippling–people tend to be afraid to move beyond them.  I am constantly telling newbies asking for a good Step Two project that they can pretty much sew together a butt ton of scarves and make a blanket.

This serves as proof it’s not as ugly a suggestion as you might think.


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