Two Charity Opportunities

Over at Louisli’s blog, she is raffling off some lovely yarn to help out a friend of hers who is struggling with infertility.  Having been there, done that myself, I have great sympathy.

One of the mamas at MotheringDotCommune turned me on to the next opportunity: Amazima Dolls are being collected to send to an orphanage in Uganda.  They have a goal of a minimum of 350 dolls–sewn, crocheted, even knitted to be sent to this orphanage.  The woman who started & runs Amazima Ministries is only 20!  There is a lovely pattern at Mamachee that would be great for crocheted dolls.  The dolls need only be 12″ tall and brown-skinned; they want boy & girl dolls both.

The way the economy is now, it’s hard to conceive of giving to charity.  That’s why it’s good to be a crafter!  The raffle is only $5 to enter, and the dolls can easily be made from stash yarn, so their only cost is shipping (and they’re being collected by a woman here in the States).  So we’ve got a couple of great opportunities to do something good for others, even if our own circumstances are straitened.  And trust me on this, it feels really good to be able to help out when you’re down yourself.

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