Rookie mistake.

From the “I Really Ought to Know Better” files:

This is a bustier, largely based off the Tube Apron top in Double Stitch.  I used some Berella 4 yarn I bought on clearance at Michaels last year (that’s why you keep seeing this particular yarn cropping up in projects), some Super Saver for the trim, and a J hook.

I’m larger than the largest size in the book, so I figured it’d work out more or less if I went up a hook size.  This isn’t unheard of as a sizing measure.  And honestly, I don’t count that as my problem.

The problem?

I’m not shaped like that.

I’m sure this bustier would work just fine on a 200-lb woman whose weight is evenly distributed.  But I’m a 200-lb woman whose measurements (and I’m going to cheat & use bra size here so you get a good idea of where the weight is) are 40F-38-51.  What this means is I’ve got giant ta-ta’s, a proportionately small waist, and giant hips.  In other words, I’m not straight up and down, and so while this thing is real pretty laid out on my bed, on me it bunches funny and doesn’t stay up.

I’m going to frog it.

Couple of thoughts to fix it: drop back down to the size hook I’m supposed to be using for the pattern.  Maybe that will shrink it enough to give a goodly amount of stretch and force it to pretend it’s got some shape.

The other thought is to use mock-short-rows to cinch in the middle some, in addition to shrinking the overall width of the piece.  If I do the bust part in half-doubles like it is now, then the waist in single crochet and then the hips in double crochet, that may also give it enough definition to make a difference.

Or I could just make it into a skirt for one of my kids and make something out of the book and actually follow the pattern this time.

Which just might be too easy.

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