My name is obvious from the URL of my blog, so there’s no use trying to be coy.  My name is Sabra Morse, and I am indeed married (thus the Mrs).  I have been married for 8 years to my submariner/plumber Robert.  I am momma to the redoubtable Bobbie Catharine Doyle, aka Smoochie, aka Cathie.  I am also momma to boob ticks Linda Margaret Anne, aka Linna aka ZoomZoom the Rocket Toddler and Esther Rosemary Joy, aka Ro-Ro, aka Kanga Ro, aka RoBear.  (Nope, no twins, just a titty-addicted 3yo.)  I was born in San Antonio and reside there again after a 5.5-year sojourn on the East Coast and an all-too-brief paid holiday in Hawaii.  (You think it’s great to visit, try living there.  I guarantee you will never be the same.)

I am an Episcopalian, an unabashed Conservative, pro-life and pro-gay rights.  I like Steve Earle, Pat Green, and Shooter Jennings.  I idolize Waylon Jennings and the King, Bob Wills.  I bemoan the current whorish bent of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series and pray for the day Laurell K Hamilton rereads her old manuscripts and is reminded what an excellent writer she is.

One day, I will be published.


2 responses to “About

  1. Sabra — I’m hunting down contact information for you, to no avail. I’m about to blog mention your Trailer Park Paradise and would like you to know about it. Also, wanted to talk with you by ether about possible other collaborations.

  2. I was trying to reach you about a pattern you posted for a crochet 3D butterfly square. Can you please get back to me as I have a few questions! 🙂 trsutton82 at gmail dot com

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