Monthly Archives: January 2009

Ooh, a stash game.

I’m participating in a YSG over on Mama-Drama starting tomorrow. Should be fun, especially as the new semester starts day after tomorrow!  I have a huge stash right now, even for me.  I’m looking forward to putting a dent in it.

I have FOUR patterns up today!

I just published four patterns over on my patterns blog:

Lots to Love Baby Doll Dress

This is a pattern I came up with over Christmas weekend.  The girls each got one of these miniature Lots to Love babies for Christmas, and were upset that they had no clothes on.

Of course, right now they’re all nekkid in the bathroom sink, but it’s the thought that counts, right?


Basic Baby Dress

I am making some clothes for the granddaughter-to-be of an online acquaintance.  I am so picky that I’m not even making stuff from my old patterns.  Just creating new stuff.  So, this.  It’s very basic, as the title implies.  This photo aside, the color is fantastic.  It uses my old friend Simply Soft and an H hook.  I’m all about using worsted weight yarn for baby stuff these days; it’s so much easier for the average person to find, and comes in many more colors.


Little Flower Baby Cap

This is a version of the baby cap I made for Esther when she was first born.  (When I was still in the hospital with her!)  That one was made in sport weight yarn with an F hook–and why I remember that when I regularly forget the hook size I am using with current projects I cannot explain.  This is made with an H hook and worsted weight yarn.


Alea’s Sweater

I am going to feel like a total dumbass if I misremembered the baby’s name.  Just to get that out of the way.  I didn’t like Alea when I first read it, but it’s growing on me slowly.  Chelsey, the mama-to-be, has a username of PunkMama, so I am trying to make things with a slightly different vibe to them.  This isn’t really punk–not without the skull I’d originally intended to embroider on the yoke, anyway.  But it is definitely a departure from the typical pastel baby fare.

I am still crocheting for the new one, so expect more patterns soon!